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i like to see a fully realized strip of humor like this also found it funny

short easy to read sketch in todays hyper sensitivity this could give you backlash also if you can make it longer and add in a few more jokes that would be nice. animiation is ok it honestly looks a looks better the the stuff i have seen as of late.

interesting its actually quite bazare in the same way its just well the movie sucks but i could listen to the sound all day

thats sick and even if he did do stuff like that the fact that youll just put up is sick and wrong not only to the fans the veiwers and me on top of wich child pornagraphy is illigal the whole idear of making some person on a vid to fuck childeen is too far fecthed to me now i can enjoy a mj hater and making fun of him but there is a problem when you take it too far and thats it i hope this gets blammed!

thank you for answering my questions of wtf that was! it was so boring it was funny so yeah thats why you get my high votage anways how did they even atack in the first place anyways?

its ok but it kinda fell flast in my opinon perhaps the thing should say somthing?

resubmiting its still utter crap now heres the reaons why 1 its too short 2 the animation is a bit lazy three there arnt even any words in the whole thing ..working on sound my ass,,,4its stupid to no end 5 it dosent even make sense 6 it could of been better 7 i just dont like it, make it longer add more scripts and perhaps a more well developed drawling

EpilepticEmus responds:

Ok, ill admit in hindsight this probably isn't newgrounds material and I probably just should have left it on youtube. However, youtube is useless for decent feed back on animations so thats why I posted it here. Also, when I meant sounds I meant sound effects, I am new to animating and have never really worked with sound effects before( and btw he doesn't talk because he is a blob, I decided this when designing the character). I can't change if you dont like it, or think it's stupid, but i just wanted to clarify some things so you can see it for what it is. I'm not going for a Oscar here, Im just testing my skills. And thank you for the review, even if its more negative than constructive it still helps.

nothing special

your mines now! whahahahahahhahahah! this is actually not bad at all though the end is just welll boring

yeah this stuff sucks what more can i seay? i mean the music was cool grapics decent but elsware blah..

LordoftheJimmy responds:

To each his own...

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