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i like to see a fully realized strip of humor like this also found it funny

short easy to read sketch in todays hyper sensitivity this could give you backlash also if you can make it longer and add in a few more jokes that would be nice. animiation is ok it honestly looks a looks better the the stuff i have seen as of late.

interesting its actually quite bazare in the same way its just well the movie sucks but i could listen to the sound all day

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i just wana point out that amada is fine with you fucking other girls especially if she gets to watch. that said im hating the ain character he is more indecisive then lilly andd i hated her if he wanted a that kind of relationship with amanda he should not of half assed it like that and to treat that secret as if its a big deal is a bunch of usless shit padding the same with her aunt coming if you thik about it even if her aunt ruined the resterant it would not matter even the slightest bit because it would be esy to get a lawyer involved and settle the riches amanda should of gotten and even if that wasnt the case that resteruant was for amanda not the main character if its gone then he would finaly get a chance to do somthing he actually wanted to do.

to rng base with ai that is tactically stupid as fuck on top of which theres nothing telling me how to use the ability points that stats you can use it to learn a damn combo skill!

i found the cretivity quite invigorating however the game ran slow for me and the ending was easy to figure out before i even got there. btw the two dead bodies next to the one diary gave it away.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!
The trail of clues was supposed to slowly lead the player to understand what was going on before the ending.

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dude love the song please comment and tell me the link of the actual song please id enjoyt hat alot i could listen to this all day!

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