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i just wana point out that amada is fine with you fucking other girls especially if she gets to watch. that said im hating the ain character he is more indecisive then lilly andd i hated her if he wanted a that kind of relationship with amanda he should not of half assed it like that and to treat that secret as if its a big deal is a bunch of usless shit padding the same with her aunt coming if you thik about it even if her aunt ruined the resterant it would not matter even the slightest bit because it would be esy to get a lawyer involved and settle the riches amanda should of gotten and even if that wasnt the case that resteruant was for amanda not the main character if its gone then he would finaly get a chance to do somthing he actually wanted to do.

to rng base with ai that is tactically stupid as fuck on top of which theres nothing telling me how to use the ability points that stats you can use it to learn a damn combo skill!

i found the cretivity quite invigorating however the game ran slow for me and the ending was easy to figure out before i even got there. btw the two dead bodies next to the one diary gave it away.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!
The trail of clues was supposed to slowly lead the player to understand what was going on before the ending.

even with all those rings reducing my damage and health the game was still way to easy also the aswd keys dont work also the game keeps crashing on me also i hate the mouse controlls i rather use the keyboard for all my gaming needs my preferances tho be happy if you added that also one more thing. the uless gathering stops progression so by the time i get to the next boss i will simply one shot it. and keep in mind the only points i put in were mana increases nothing in power and with all the reductions you should make it even harder

i tried this game because it was the first entrie of the seris from what i saw however the lving up system is pretty non existant as a mage with an attacking and a healing staff i never had to wrry about dying and the one time i did die was because i was messing with my minu in the midde of a fight and i actually hate mouse controls it dosnt help that my laptops left and right lick is all one button(genius design for a laptop) i only put points into max mana and i didnt even get a new skill...... oh and the patreon is over doing it and in my opinion for the little content there was it would not be woth getting it just for that small bit. and im refering to all the games of yours i have played as a whole so far. btw if anyone wants the patreon code its 8006

the rpg aspect of things do not really exist the only number that goes up is the money you get. there are some interesting pictures the background is ok but the story leaves much to be desired. i found myself not caring about any of them. it just feel cut and past. i recommend working on the story more then the game also. when im intentially getting killed to heal back up then i think thats a game flaw.

this sucks theres no models no fights no reason for potoins no scence no story i dont see what others see in this its just empty. you could argue that there is a version with more content but im now playing that... as for rpg elements i dont see them for each for the only number that goes up is money and unless im mising somthing the enemys always hav 0 heath sorry... just dont see anything special the background looks fine and the only 2 characters i see are ok aswelll. i liked the joke with the usless dude but usless merchant had so little dialoge that just did not captivate me.

spent 3 days straight playing the game other then the freezing from this crappy laptop i found the game fun with losts of replayability the game is not hard and after the first day you power up too fast in my opinion. got bored after breaking the game in every way i could imaginable which kinda killed it for me realizing there were no hidden secrets. i havnt bout the full game because im cheap i still want to. the game is definatly worth paying for even without the extra stuff. also are the armors and weopons you can buy suposed to be usless?

enjoyed the game also to win do the oposite of what the mouse tells you to do what even is the point of that mileading cretant?!

i got the money needed plus some to spare on the first roullete got one bj was that it? there really does not seem to have a finish option that i can see(heres a joke if you catch the irony...... why does the blind man watch porn?) other then the animation i find the rest easy and boring i doubt theres a way to lose? still good though and sorry but i am not touching the quize anyways its not bad though i rememend putting jokes in the roullete makes the waiting for it to stop part more enjoyable.

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